Hoa Decarbonization Platform

The Hoa Decarbonisation Platform is a cloud-based software optimisation tool that allows users to develop, track and update effective strategies for fleet decarbonisation and supporting infrastructure.

Pourquoi utiliser notre Plateforme?

Our dynamic user-interface and virtual dashboard helps facilitate the ongoing transition to carbon free operations by working with you to optimise:
  • Decarbonisation roadmaps, tailored to your operation and requirements.
  • EV charging infrastructure plans and Smart Charging strategies.
  • Financial forecasts and business plans.
  • Greenhouse gas (GHG) emission reduction forecasts.
  • Fleet and building utilisation.

Fleet Analytics

Building Analytics

Planifier votre avenir

Our Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis provides a minimised risk roadmap for the decarbonisation of your fleet.

Ajoute de la valeur à vos données

The platform takes care of the complex backend modelling to help you focus on the specifics of your operation, saving you time in delivering and implementing an effective plan.

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